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Oriented Strand Board Class Action Lawsuit and Settlements
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Class Counsel paid?

Class Counsel agreed to prosecute this litigation on a completely contingent fee basis; that is, they agreed that they would not receive any fees or reimbursement of expenses unless the litigation was successful. Class Counsel will be requesting an award of attorneys' fees to be paid from the settlement funds, not to exceed one-third of the total settlement funds paid by all of the Defendants, including the three previous settlements. The requested fees will represent less than one-half of Class Counsels' billable time spent prosecuting the case. The Court previously approved expense reimbursement to Class Counsel in the sum of $1,050,000, in connection with the approval of prior settlements. Class Counsel have to date also incurred additional unreimbursed litigation expenses in excess of $150,000, and will be requesting that these expenses be reimbursed to them from the settlement funds. Class Counsel will also be requesting that the individual plaintiffs who served as class representatives be awarded incentive payments from the settlement funds, not to exceed $5,000 each. The Court can approve or deny these requests.